A Content Strategy That Puts You
In The Winning Zone!

For users & search engines, content that serves the right intent is King. If you aren’t producing share-worthy content at the right cadence, you’re missing out being in the Winning Zone. We outline a content strategy designed specifically for your ICPs and achieve your OKRs!

Content Strategy Deliverables:

Content Strategy Guide: The finished content strategy documentation is delivered as an enhanced PDF. In addition to the strategy itself, it also includes links out to a wide variety of resources to aid in the implementation of our recommended changes. This is included with every Content Strategy engagement.

Keyword Research Guide: We take a detailed oriented approach in our keyword research documents. We do a ton of research to identify keywords that we believe will drive real value to your bottom line. If your content strategy is being done in conjunction with an SEO audit, keyword research will be delivered with that audit as well.

On-Site SEO Guide: This guide will aid your team in implementing your new content strategy, and is extremely detailed. If your content strategy is being done in conjunction with an audit, the SEO audit deliverable has an integrated SEO guide.

Content Strategy Services - Pricing Tiers (in $USD):

$5,000 Standalone

$2,500 If done with an SEO Audit

Turnaround time on Content Strategy Deliverables is 4 weeks from the date payment is received.

All strategies also include a follow-up Google Meet call to answer any questions you may have about the deliverables.

For all of our audit and strategy services we require payment upfront before we begin any work. At this time we only accept electronic payments and will send our invoices via Wave, which allows you to pay via credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

The strategy guide we put together and deliver will be held in the strictest confidence. Also, keep in mind that a content strategy is going to be different based on your company, industry and audience - thus, no two content strategy guides we deliver are the same.

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