My Approach

30 90 180

  • The first 30 Days are perfect to know the lay of the land, understand roles and responsibilities, meet with the various stakeholders, understand the business, learn the processes and workflows.

  • The next 60 Days (90 Days) is the impact phase, this is where I begin to roll up my sleeves and get into the trenches. Test, experiment, shake things up, challenge the status quo and always be pragmatic with recommendations, use data to tell the story. I am the SME, so it's my job to educate the stakeholders and build my credibility.

  • The next 90 Days (180 Days) is the results phase, this is where you begin to see the fruits of Phase 1 & 2 to show. The results are both tangible and intangible, as much as they have a direct and indirect impact on the business.

How I Do It

Channelize Optimize Scale

I work with you to drive customer-focused organic growth, leading to scaling your sales qualified leads (SQLs) from your ideal customer profiles (ICPs).

  • Channelize with Technical Analysis, Analytics and Reporting

  • Optimize with Content Strategy, SEO A/B Testing

  • Scale with Digital PR Strategy & Execution for Discoverability

Be the product or service of choice

by driving more qualified & informed users, organically!

Let's Talk Organic Growth


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